To limit the consequences caused by the phenomenon of heat stress during the summer season, there are several strategies that can be adopted in the barn and areas that can be worked on. Starting from May, Sugar Plus offers SUGARADE, a mixture of sugars, glycerol, and organic acids designed to help animals maintain high intake and freshness of the ration in the barn. Additionally, the presence of different energy sources helps support production.


  1. Minor decrease in production during the hot season because SUGARADE is an extremely palatable product that encourages animals to maintain high intake.
  2. Time savings for the breeder in having to distribute multiple feedings per day, as the presence of a diversified pool of organic acids helps maintain a constant temperature of the ration.
  3. Maintenance of milk quality thanks to the mix of glycerol and sugars, which serve as an alternative energy source that supports the production of butyric and propionic acid in the rumen. Additionally, the presence of potassium carbonate helps counteract milk fat depression.
  4. Reduction of expenses related to health issues as SUGARADE helps maintain a positive energy balance, reducing animal stress and its resulting causes.

The choice to switch to a specific product for the summer period is now widely adopted among Sugar Plus customers. The initial investment is rewarded by the numbers observed at the end of the season and the convenience of having multiple benefits in a single product.

Without neglecting the aspect of production, we must not forget about the health and well-being of the animals. Usually, at the end of summer, certain conditions such as lameness or decreased fertility in the herd are observed, resulting from prolonged stress during the hottest period. Receiving energy support throughout the summer duration leads to a positive balance that enables starting the productive season with vigor at its conclusion.


Just like in humans, ruminants also lose minerals, fluids, and organic substances through the mechanism of sweating, and due to high temperatures, they tend to become sluggish and weak. This is where the right blends of sugars and organic acids can intervene to support our animals. Rumen well-being is a fundamental starting point for the proper functioning of all physiological mechanisms and to ensure results even during the hottest season. To reduce the heat normally generated by digestion, cattle tend to decrease their intake. Furthermore, increased respiratory rate reduces the concentration of bicarbonate ions in the blood, resulting in a decrease in the buffering capacity of saliva. These two phenomena lead to a decrease in production and an increased risk of ruminal acidosis. Therefore, it becomes crucial to administer energy that takes up little space in the rumen and does not cause acidosis. This is why sugars are an excellent energy source that is rapidly absorbed and does not cause abrupt decreases in pH. Investing in the ration during this specific period of the year is of paramount importance for the breeder to ensure results throughout the entire production season and to keep their animals in the best possible condition. SUGARADE is a product that acts on various aspects of the phenomenon:

  • Decreased intake
  • Negative energy balance
  • Mineral losses due to sweating
  • Less palatable mixture
  • Unifeed that tends to heat up
  • Abnormal fermentations

In this way, no issues are overlooked, and support is provided on multiple fronts.

Tratto da Ex Dairy Press N. 03-2023