The Power of Freshness


Sugarade is the liquid feed from the Sugar Plus line formulated to keep the mix stable and prevent unwanted fermentation during the warmer months of the year. Not to mention its binding and appetizing power, which contributes to good rumen function.

The Future of Italian Beef Cattle Production Depends on Economic Sustainability


In terms of environmental impact, our farms are already virtuous examples today. This is what emerged at "Beef the future", the original event in presence organized with praiseworthy spirit of initiative by the Sugar Plus team.

Liquid feeds: The functional value beyond the nutritional value


Liquid feeds can be considered a functional food since, in addition to having a nutritional role, they contribute positively to one or more physiological functions for the animal body (ILSI Europe Concise Monograph, 2002). Liquid feeds contain several sources of sugars and organic acids and bring specific benefits to the rumen health.


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