For Stefano Oleotti, the stabilizing action that Sugarade has on the unifeed is the main advantage of using the product in the summer.

Sugarade is the liquid feed of the Sugar Plus line formulated to maintain the stability of the mixture and prevent unwanted fermentations during the hottest months of the year. Not to mention its binding and appetizing power, which contributes to the good functionality of the rumen.

The good quality of forage is one of the primary factors to consider when talking about maintaining high and consistent production levels of our animals. Working the land optimally and carefully conserving raw materials is certainly the starting point for achieving this goal, however, it is also important to preserve the properties of the feed provided to the animals throughout their time in the barn. This is especially important during the hottest months of the year and particularly when the feed ration involves a wide use of silage. This is where the line of liquid feeds by Sugar Plus comes into play, containing differentiated sources of simple sugars and organic acids, added with soluble proteins, natural minerals, and nutritional additives. These nutrient mixtures are not only able to ensure the ruminal well-being of our cattle but also to provide a tangible advantage to the farmer in managing the feed in the form of a unified feed.

More stable mixture.

I have been a Sugar Plus customer for 10 years now,” explains Stefano Oleotti, owner of the Molinetto di Grazioli and Oleotti agricultural company, a high-performing reality in Lodi that today has about 580 lactating cows. “I added liquid feed to the ration to provide additional support to the cows.” Satisfied with the results obtained over the years, I have decided to continue choosing liquid mixtures also to prevent abnormal fermentations of the unified feed once it is unloaded into the manger, which mainly occur during the hottest months. Therefore, it has been two summers already that I have replaced Fibractive (the product I use during the year) with Sugarade. The formula, which is even richer in organic acids, has a stabilizing effect, keeping the feed always fresh throughout the day, thus preserving the nutritional qualities of the raw materials unchanged.

“Sugarade, the summer product, has been added to the feed Sugar Plus at a rate of 2 kg per head, he adds on this subject. Giacomo Vinoni, at the helm of the farm. La Motta at the farm in Arcisate (Va), it allowed me to reduce the operation of preparing the feed wagon to only once a day, precisely because the mix does not heat up,” he explains.

There are multiple advantages,

“An important benefit,” Vinoni continues, “considering the time saved, which I can instead dedicate to other aspects such as animal welfare and constant and careful monitoring of the herd.” The software connected to the milking system speaks clearly and demonstrates how milk quality is one of the strengths of La Motta farm. “What made the difference even during the summer – concludes our interlocutor – was the investment in an efficient cooling system, alongside the development of appropriate nutritional plans to support the animals during the most critical months and ensure a peaceful restart in autumn.” Also, the ability to review the rations based on costs by replacing some starch sources with sugar sources. “We have been able to optimize the use of other energy sources, obtaining an economic advantage as well.” The result? The consumption of a greater quantity of unifeed which, among other things, was also less selectable by the animals.”

Rumen welfare

Because among the properties that liquid feed can boast, the binding action should not be underestimated, which prevents the selection activity of concentrates at the expense of fiber, and the appetizing action, which instead results in a better intake of the ration. To the advantage of ruminal balance and reduced likelihood of metabolic problems, such as acidosis. Andrea Simoncelli, owner of the La Rocca farm, confirms it: “This will be the fourth summer of using the Sugar Plus product, thanks to which I have been able to observe not only a reduction in the incidence of diseases in the barn, but also an improvement in productive and reproductive performance”.

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Even if the storage phase of the raw materials is carried out optimally, it is not unlikely that fermentation restarts may occur after the silage unloading.

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It is essential to evaluate the quality of the unifeed in the feed trough to ensure the health and productivity of the cows.

With the data at hand: PR greater than 26, CR over 75%, and age at first calving at 23 months. Not to mention that ‘our cows maintain good production until late July, last year we recorded an average of 40 liters during the summer months. And they are not inferior even in the period immediately following the hottest one’.

More energy

Composed of different sources of simple sugars, liquid feed represents an important source of nutrition and development for the microbial populations that colonize the rumen. The same ones that are responsible for the degradation of the fibrous component of the feed and whose good functioning has a direct effect on the health of the cattle and their performance in breeding. “Of course,” concludes Simoncelli, “we work a lot towards genetic improvement, selecting productive and resistant animals, but we also focus on the welfare of cows in the barn and those in pasture.” Without ever neglecting nutritional aspects, because we are aware that providing readily available energy to the rumen is like fueling a Formula 1 car.

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